have been performed at various venues such as the prestigious Mark Taper Auditorium at the Los Angeles Central Library.

In addition to the plays, The Homeric Project has produced the first ballet based on Homer's "ILIAD" which was performed at Pepperdine University in 2005. Currently Dr. Stickel is collaborating to produce the first full-length and comprehensive opera (musical event)  based on "the ILIAD" entitled "ILIOS" (the ancient name for Troy).

The Odyssey play has received enthusiastic responses from all the audiences who have seen it to date. Please click on the "Media Reviews" button to see both our newspaper review and reviews from various prominent persons including the Consul General of Greece.

Please note that the plays have authentic costumes created by Teresa Armacost, which are made in the style of the Greek Bronze Age (circa 1200 BC), the time in which Homer's stories took place. Also Dr. Stickel is painting a series of illustrations for both "the ILIAD" and "the ODYSSEY." The elements in the paintings are based on actual ancient murals, pottery designs and gem stone designs from the Bronze Age of Greece.    

The Homeric Project was created by Dr. Gary Stickel to introduce new audiences to the ancient Greek masterpieces, "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" by Homer. These two epics, by Greece's greatest and most influential artist, are the oldest books of Western Civilization.  With the Bible, they have been the greatest influence on art and literature for the last three thousand years. Our mission is to introduce these classics to children of all ages as an essential part of their education.

Dr. Stickel has written a play in verse for the performance of each epic. He wants children to understand that Homer's original epics were poems, not the prose that had been previously presented. His two plays ("The ODYSSEY" and "The ILIAD")